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Top 4 Best Urine Removers for Concrete

Having pets is one of the most rewarding things in the world. You get companionship, unending love, and perhaps one of the greatest friendships one can experience. Still, there are downsides to pet ownership, one of the biggest ones being the messes that tend to come with it.

Whether you are potty training your pet or looking to clean up an accident, removing urine from porous concrete can prove to be a lot harder than just wiping up the initial mess, especially if it has sat for a bit. Let’s look at what urine removers work the best to save you time and money in all of the little pet cleanups in your life!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Urine Remover for Concrete

This Rocco & Roxie product is a professional grade cleaner that really packs a punch. One of the biggest complaints users have when picking a urine remover is the lingering odor that can sometimes remain even after the stain has been removed. This product completely removes the odors of urine and keeps it from coming back by penetrating the porous surface of the concrete’s nooks and crannies.

This product is also pet and child friendly and does not contain chlorine, making it a color safe product. Plus, it can be used on carpets, floors, clothes, and more or less any surface to remove not only urine, but also vomit and other odorous fluids. In the brand’s own words: “if its gross, its gone”.

The key to this product working without the addition of harsh chemicals involves an enzyme activated compound of bacteria that come alive when in contact with specific enzymes found in odor causing stains. The bacteria then feed on the ammonia and biological waste in the spot, removing it completely! Plus, the brand backs the product 100% with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results of using Rocco & Roxie’s Eliminator!

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Urine Remover for Concrete – Buying Guide and FAQs

Removing urine from concrete can be a really hard task to achieve, especially if the stain and smell have really set in or if your pet uses a spot over and over again. It can be frustrating to try product after product and have nothing actually completely resolve the issue. Fortunately, there are some things to look for to help kick the stick and stain once and for all.

You want something that balances out cost and effectiveness. Cheaper products may work well for some people while more expensive options may hit the mark for others. Price is, for the most part, not what you should consider. Do not buy something simply because it is cheap or expensive, try looking at the product claims and specifications alongside reviews and decide based on the actual data surrounding the brand and formula.

No one wants to waste money, so research is key, as is understanding your surface. Concrete holds in odors and stains easily since it is comprised of a lot of small particles that allow liquids to permeate the surface and really set in. Due to this, it is harder to get things that enter the concrete out. Fortunately, there are tons of products that do a good job of breaking down the offending substance and removing it with minimal effort on your part.

Is cat urine harder to remove than dog urine?

Cat urine is generally much more concentrated than dog urine and other pet urines in general, making it much harder to remove and also much stronger in presence by default. Once cat urine sets in, it can be a real pain to fully remove the smells from concrete floors since it really tends to latch on to the space and refuse to let go. The smell can linger for years if not treated and can actually get stronger with time as the bacteria in the urine produces more and more ammonia.

Will bleach remove urine from concrete?

While it will disinfect the area, bleach does not remove odors. The bacteria will be gone but the odor will remain, as will the strong smell of chlorine bleach. It is recommended to use a bacteria enzyme treatment since it actually removes the biological matter from the urine spot, getting rid of the germs and scent in one go.

Will sealing concrete prevent urine staining?

Sealing concrete is your best defense against urine staining since it takes the porous, permeable surface and makes it repellant and non-permeable. This means that the liquid cannot penetrate into the concrete and is easier to clean from the surface, leaving no lingering smell or stain in most cases and being generally less of an issue.

Can pet urine make you sick?

The sharp, ammonia scent of pet urine can actually make you sick. Your lungs are delicate and can become irritated when overexposed to such scents. Additionally, urine can hold bacteria and breed even more germs, resulting in exposure to airborne germs that may cause illnesses, as well, even when trapped within concrete floors.

Best Urine Remover for Concrete

Mister Max Unscented Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover

Mister Max Unscented Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover

With a green based, eco-friendly formula, the Mister Max product line works to remove odors without exposing you to harmful chemicals or damaging the environment around you. The formula is specifically made to be safe for humans and pets, allowing you to use it while children or animals are out and about without worrying for their health and safety.

The microbes in the formula work to eat away at the biological matter found in odor causing stains, treating the spot from the inside out and removing it fully with no fuss needed. The live bacteria are completely safe and pose no illness concern for humans and animals who may come in contact with the solution.

The brand does note that if you have used other products to try and treat the stain before introducing Mister Max remover, you may need to use their p-bath product to remove residue before adding the remover in order to get the best results and prevent interactions, especially if you used a bleach or chlorine based substance.

Easy to use
Safe for kids and pets
Requires additional products if the spot has already been treated by a different brand
Some people report inconsistencies in the quality of the product
Some reports of having to go over an area more than once

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BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

UBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

Another enzyme based cleaner, the Bubbas Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner is specifically formulated to be potent enough to treat all manner of areas, including upholstery, concrete, and even some wooden surfaces.

What sets Bubbas apart from other enzyme cleaners is the fact that the brand opts to use dormant bacteria instead of live ones. Their bacteria only comes back to activity when exposed to specific enzymes found in urine and other biological matter, allowing them to have a much longer shelf life and cleaning span. The brand claims their bacteria live much longer while working on a urine spot, allowing them to clean more thoroughly.

Plus, the brand claims the urine smell is fully removed, deterring animals from using the same spot over and over again which puts it in league with some of the best cat urine remover for carpet products on shelves today since cats tend to mark specific places over and over again if not stopped.

Dormant bacteria can clean for longer
Safe for pets and kids
Good for older stains and set-in areas
Some reports of the product’s odor being very strong and lingering
Did not deter animals from using the spot again in some cases
Reports of slight residue if not removed fully

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Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer with Accushot Sprayer

Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer with Accushot Sprayer
Designed as a treatment specifically for dog urine, this product has rave reviews with many users claiming the light, fresh scent chosen for the product helps to mask urine smells as the cleaning happens. This provides immediate relief and generally makes it more comfortable to use than some other chemically scented products.

The packaging also includes a sprayer to assist in getting the correct area fully treated without wasting product or spreading it further than it needs to be, giving you more control over the treatment and saving you money! This is truly one of the best dog urine remover for concrete options on the market!

Very effective
Light scent to immediately eliminate odors
Accurate spraying nozzle for control
Some do dislike the scent or find it to linger
Reports of residue
Not as effective for other animals aside from dogs

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Our Pick

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor EliminatorWhen taking a look at the Rocco and Roxie product compared to the others here, you probably notice that, in general, they are all rather similar. The difference comes in that the Rocco and Roxie cover all of the bases that may have been missed with other comparable brands and generally provide a consistent, deep penetrating product that cleans well and with ease. It works as a multipurpose cleaner, covering urine and other biological fluids for many animals, making things easier for multipet homes, as well. This makes it perhaps one of the best urine removers for concrete in general due to its versatility and ease of use.


  • Chlorine free
  • Pet and family friendly
  • Non-staining and color face, making it great for soft surfaces as well as concrete
    Money back guarantee


  • Some reports of odor randomly reoccuring
  • Product is hard to distribute evenly in some cases
  • Sticky residue

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Cleaning up urine does not have to be a massive headache. With the right products, you can have both the smell and stain completely erased in no time, allowing you to be comfortable in your clean space as soon as possible. We all love our pets but sometimes they are rather messy little critters; let a product designed for dealing with life’s messes do the heavy lifting for you!

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