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Some sneakerheads buy Yeezys to flip them for money or to show off. However, you can not do that with filthy, crusty Yeezys! And besides, putting your Yeezys in a bad state is a CRIME against sneakers! Cleaning Yeezys is a form of redemption. So, here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean any type of Yeezy.

Did you know that a Yeezy 350 V2 costs an average of $560 in 2021? That’s a lot of money to spend on sneakers if you don’t take care of them! So, whether you want to be a sneakerhead or a YZY head, you must understand how to cop, store, and clean Yeezys.

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Best Shoe Cleaner for Yeezys

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How to Clean Your Yeezys

Best Shoe Cleaner for Yeezys
We’re all aware that Yeezys aren’t cheap. Not only are they not inexpensive, but in many cases it’s difficult to get ahold of them, no matter how much you paid for them. So, naturally, if you manage to obtain a pair, you’ll want to keep them as close to new condition as possible by learning how to clean your Yeezys while still getting the pleasure of wearing them on an irregular basis.

Any stain, scuff, or blemish is enough to send any Yeezy enthusiast into a tailspin. Fear not, with the proper instruments and information at your disposal, there’s no reason why you can’t keep your Yeezys as clean as the day they came out of the box -no matter how much stress you put them under.

There are as many methods for cleaning Yeezy sneakers as there are Yeezy sneakers on the market. Obviously, because with everything, there are some that are more efficient than others. When you google search for advice and strategies on how to get your sneaker absolutely clean crep. You’ll come across everything from ancient wives’ tales to sound scientific method and well-established practice in this book. Here’s a list of the top ways to clean your Yeezys, in our opinion. In methods that we’d completely utilize and be confident in the knowledge that we were’t doing more damage than good,

Shoe Cleaner Kit by YeezySolution

Shoe Cleaner Kit by YeezySolutionWith or without water, it's a great all-purpose cleaner. Using a proprietary chemical that is guaranteed to make your shoes seem brand new after one little drop, it cleanses even the tiniest trace of dirt. It won't make your shoe yellow after many applications. Natural ingredients: coconut, corn, lemon extract, bioethanol, surfactant, citric acid, antistatic agent, deionized water, which leave your shoes looking clean and smelling fresh. Creates a durable, breathable barrier that effectively repels liquids and stains. Easy to use: spray evenly over your shoes and allow 24h to dry.

Reshoevn8r Premium Shoe and Sneaker Cleaner Solution

Reshoevn8r Premium Shoe and Sneaker Cleaner SolutionMade from coconut, jojoba and other natural oils. Works on leather, canvas, suede, mesh and many more. Concentrated solution & 8oz bottle help make a little to go a long way. Simple push and play cap allows for speedy application of the solution.

The Angelus Foam Tex Sneaker Cleaning Kit contains a pump handle that produces foam straight on surfaces, eliminating the need for additional water or bowls. This cleanser may be used to clean a variety of materials and is yet mild enough to clean suedes and nubuck. One 5.7 oz bottle of Foam-Tex Cleaner, one Premium Microfiber Towel, and one Premium Hog Hair Sneaker Cleaning Brush are included in this kit. Includes Premium Hog Hair Sneaker Cleaning Brush and Premium Microfiber Towel.

Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

 Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit This Angelus Easy Cleaner kit includes one Easy Cleaner 8oz bottle, one Premium Microfiber Towel, and one Angelus Premium Cleaning Brush- everything you need to clean and/or prep shoes before painting. The cleaner is versatile enough for multiple materials, yet strong enough to clean shoe soles and sidewalls. Ideal for cleaning suede, leather, buck, rubber, linen, gor-tex, nylon, satin, canvas, plastic, and vinyl.

CleanKicks Shoe Cleaner Wipes

CleanKicks Shoe Cleaner Wipes Remover of dirt & grime, this wipe scrubs it all away to keep shoes refreshed. Designed to breakdown every day shoe buildup no matter the situation. You will not find any harmful chemicals as we are 100% skin safe. Suede, Leather, Nubuck, Rubber, Shoes, Sneakers, Boots, Heels, Cleats.

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials

 Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Essentials The sneaker solution comes in a 4-ounce bottle, which is suitable for all colors and materials, as stated on Amazon. It also includes a woodblock handle synthetic bristle brush with an easy-to-handle knob. Users should note that the brush should only be used on harder materials like leather, rubber, or plastic if you have a sneaker with a knit-based or suede upper. Consider utilizing a softer tool such as a nailbrush if you have a sneaker with a knit-based or suede top.

Tight Wipes Sneaker and Shoe Cleaner Wipes

Tight Wipes Sneaker and Shoe Cleaner WipesWipe away the grime and dirt with these Tight Wipes if you don't want to deal with sprays, foams, or brushes. Simply take one of the pre-moistened wipes from the container, wipe it over your shoes, and clean off scuffs, dirt, and other debris. They work on a variety of surfaces, including mesh, leather, vinyl, and suede. Wipes are simple to apply and perform in the same way as traditional cleaners. They're thick, don't leave any residue, and remove scuffs, grass marks, and other markings from shoes to preserve them looking new.

Kiwi Sport Shoe Fast Acting Cleaner

Kiwi Sport Shoe Fast Acting CleanerCleaning your shoes is a lot less expensive than purchasing new ones, especially when you consider that this KIWI cleaner sells for a bargain. It's quick and easy to use: simply spray the foam on, let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrub the shoe with the built-in brush. It takes approximately 10 minutes to dry and may be used on nylons, leathers, and canvas footwear. It's not designed for severe stains, but it's effective on minor ones. However, according to those that have used it, it works effectively and may certainly breathe new life into footwear.

Deadstock Los Angeles Shoe Cleaner Kit

Deadstock Los Angeles Shoe Cleaner KitIf you're a sneakerhead and have several pairs, this is the cleaning kit for you. The kit includes four brushes, including a suede and soft brush for protecting the top of your shoes. The waffle bottom of your shoe's midsole and sole will be preserved using the firm and brass wire bristle brush. It's identical to the Original, with one exception: it includes a pair of sandals. The kit includes 8 ounces of shoe cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and two shoe trees that lift dirt from the toe box. A foldable bowl is also included in the package, making cleanup fast and simple. Depending on the sort of shoe you're cleaning, Deadstock has instructions for how to use their products on its website.

ShoeAnew Cleaner

ShoeAnew CleanerShoeAnew is a Japanese brand that makes high-quality, long-lasting shoe care products. According to those who have tried it, ShoeAnew adds a new lease of life to their sneakers. This package includes everything you'll need to rejuvenate your sneakers and make them look brand new again. It not only restores the shoes' original color, but it also contains chemicals that prevent future discoloration. The concentrated liquid should last you a long time. One bottle can clean up to 60 pairs of shoes, and it's also available in an 8-ounce size. A microfiber cloth and brush are also included to assist you with the task. It's simple to use and gives the shoe a much nicer appearance. Note: ShoeAnew also destroys germs and odors, so spritzing it inside your shoes (and even on your feet!) isn't necessarily a bad idea.

Angelus All Purpose Foam Cleaner

Angelus All Purpose Foam Cleaner Do you scrub and scrub but can't seem to get into the creases to clean? Our All Purpose Foam Cleaner is the best foaming cleaner for shoes. This cleaner is an Angelus Direct favorite for athletic or hiking shoes. Just blast your shoes with this foam let it sit for a few seconds and wipe off clean. You can't go wrong with this Angelus Brand shoe cleaning products.

Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Pack

 Crep Protect Ultimate Sneaker Care Pack 1 Crep Protect rain and stain repel spray - 5 oz super-hydrophobic spray that creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains. For use on suede, nubuck and canvas footwear. 1 Crep Protect Cure Ultimate Cleaning Solution - 100ml Improved Cleaning Solution - Washes 50+ Pairs of Sneakers - 98% Natural made from Coconut extracts, Jojoba & Aqua. 1 Premium Hog Hair Brush - Premium Brush has over 17000+ Hog hair bristles.Shorter bristles give better cleaning results, While the hog hair is soft enough to clean more delicate materials. 1 Microfiber cloth - Ultra soft, Non Abrasive and highly absorbent cloth. Crep Protect is easy to apply and quick drying. 12 Crep Protect Wipes - Travel size wipes perfect for those unexpected marks when you're on the move. Smooth side for general cleaning and textured side for tougher marks. Cotton fresh scented.

How to Clean Yeezys by Hand

Best Shoe Cleaner for Yeezys
The first approach we are going to discuss with you is rather DIY-inclined. All you’ll need is some warm water and a little elbow work. To make 1 part vinegar, mix 2 parts water and 2 parts white vinegar in a bowl using a spoon. Remove the laces and insole from the chosen pair and use a hard bristled brush that has been soaked in the cleaning solution to begin scrubbing the sole. The dirtiest part of the shoe is, without a doubt, the sole. So don’t be hesitant to scrub fiercely because, while not as durable as the midsole, it’s also the most robust component of your Yeezy.

This approach may be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have any carpets. All it takes is one tiny piece to ruin your whole project, so make sure you clean all of the surfaces effectively. The key to success with this method is to make certain that you fully soak your cleaning tool in solution on a regular basis so that you don’t just rub the dirt into your crep. Also, keep the brush away from the Yeezy model’s knitting and stitching. To keep the brush from fraying or being destroyed, cover it with a plastic bag. Replace your hard-bristled brush for a softer-bristled one on top of your Yeezy. The Primeknit upper of your Yeezy, like the Boost midsole, isn’t as robust as you’d expect. Put your hand inside the shoe and hold it down to keep it in place. Finally, make sure no water enters the shoe through scrubbing or by allowing any air to enter after drying it out.

Moneysworth & Best Men's Shoe Shaper Trees

Moneysworth & Best Men's Shoe Shaper Trees The hard plastic makes it durable and gives just the right amount of tension to keep the shape of your shoes.

How to Clean Them in a Washing Machine

Best Shoe Cleaner for Yeezys
If you don’t want to deal with your Yeezys very much, try the following. Remove the laces and insole from your crepe. Instead of rolling up your sleeves, go out and get yourself two old pillowcases — one for each shoe, not one for each pair. Place your Yeezys inside of your pillowcases and throw them in the washing machine on a cold cycle (30 degrees or lower). A little amount of cleaning detergent is necessary. About half of what you’d use for a modest load in your washer. After the wash cycle has finished, ensure that your Yeezys are air dried and, as if by magic, they’ll be as clean as the day they were unwrapped.

So there you have it, two simple approaches for getting your Yeezys back to their former glory.


If you own several pairs of sneakers, you can’t go wrong with the Deadstock Los Angeles Shoe Cleaner Kit. The hip-looking kit comes with liquid cleaner, a towel, shoe trees, and a collapsible bowl.

The Angelus Foam Tex Sneaker Cleaning Kit includes a pump handle that generates foam straight on surfaces, eliminating the need for extra water or bowls. This cleaner may be used to clean a variety of materials and is still mild enough to clean suedes and nubuck. One 5.7 oz bottle of Foam-Tex Cleaner, one Premium Microfiber Towel, and one Premium Hog Hair Sneaker Cleaning Brush are included with this kit.

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