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Outside windows may be difficult to clean from the inside, especially if you live in an apartment or condo. The risk of falling out of the window, along with a fear of heights, will most likely make you give up on this task. And let’s face it: when you’re least want to do something, you tend to put it off as long as possible.

But why bother when you may take advantage of the latest technologies and methods that appear on a daily basis to help us out of our work?

The magnetic window cleaner is one of those clever gadgets that may help you with your problem. The cleaning of hard-to-reach window corners becomes a child’s game with its assistance. Here’s how to determine whether this tiny tool is worth your money.

Bastard Sword vs Longsword

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What is a Magnetic Window Cleaner?

Bastard Sword vs Longsword
A magnetic window cleaner is a plastic tool with two magnetic components that cling to each other from both sides of the glass. The inner component has a handle on it so you can control it. Most cleaners come with a cord that may be as long as six meters in length, for safety reasons. Attach the string to your window before using the gadget. This method prevents the outside magnet from dropping and allows you to get started.

There are various sizes to select from, and they all vary in price. The cleaner also includes different magnets depending on the type of window panes you want to clean. The most affordable magnetic window washer is equipped with smaller magnets and is designed for single-glazed window glass that is thin or non-magnetic. If you have thick double glazing windows, use the medium glass cleaner, which has much stronger magnets. For exceptionally huge glass panels, there are versions with extremely powerful magnets.

The following are the contents of a typical magnetic window cleaning kit:

  • 2 magnets parts
  • Spacer
  • White safety string
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spare rubber squeegees
  • Spare powerful magnets

How does a Magnetic Window Cleaner Work?

Bastard Sword vs Longsword
All you need aside from the tool is a bucket, a dish-washing detergent or all-purpose cleaner, and some elbow grease. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Fill a pail with lukewarm water and a touch of the cleaning solution. You don’t need to use window washing detergents.
  • Make bubbles in the water. The soapiness of this cleaning approach is important since it allows the device to glide smoothly over the window surface.
  • Place two parts of the magnetic window cleaners in separate water. Don’t combine them yet (You’ll learn more about that below).
  • To make froth, mix the sponges. The greater the number of bubbles, the easier it will be to clean with your device.
  • Take the larger piece and wrap it in duct tape. Attach the smaller piece to the outside of the window and keep it from falling by tying it to the window handle with a string. This is an optional step, but being safe rather than sorry is preferable. Hold onto and pull on the cord to close the window.
  • Put them together and start cleaning. Maintain a steady pace.
  • To begin, clean the surface with the sponge/cloth to ensure that all dirt is removed. Then use the squeegee blade. Some goods even have an arrow pointing in the correct direction of travel so that you can easily see it.
  • Using the same technique, but now working on a horizontal surface. Move fast and with care.
  • When you’re done cleaning the inside of your window, move the cleaner to the edge closest to you. Then slowly remove the magnets from each other.
  • Remove any streaks from the windows with a piece of microfiber cloth. Place the microfiber cloth on both magnetic surfaces to give your windows an even cleaner look. Spray the cloths with a little of the cleaning solution or clear water, and then move the magnets across the width of the window.
  • When you’re finished cleaning the windows, tuck the magnetic cleaner with the spacer between the magnetic pieces.

Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider

Tyroler Bright Tools The GliderAt the top of our list, we have The Glider from Tyroler Bright Tools. This is a beloved original manual glider that we've all come to appreciate. The Green Glider, Blue Glider, and Black Glider are just a few of the options available from TBT. The materials used in this cleaner's rubber parts are superior to most others'. The Black Glider is the most basic of the three. Despite their identical appearance, they can't be used on any sort of window. The black model is intended for windows with a thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 inches. That implies a single glaze, an average run-of-the-mill window. This model has strong magnets that guarantee there is no delay between the two cleaning sections due to lag or detaching from each other during cleaning process The Blue Glider is the next in line. This version is meant for double-glazed windows with a thickness ranging from 0.3 to 0.7 inches. The design and layout are essentially the same as those of the Black Glider, with the exception of stronger magnets. Even if you utilize microfiber cloth inserts that come with the cleaner, you still have plenty of grip and traction. This is a fantastic magnetic window cleanser for double glazing.Finally, we have the Green Glider for handling three-layered windows with ease. This model differs from the previous two versions in that it has a stronger magnet. Even if you're using this type on regular double glazed windows, you can still get amazing results because of the strength of the magnet.

Jasonwell Magnetic cleaner best cleaners for magnetic window

Jasonwell Magnetic cleaner  best cleaners for magnetic window The elegant, modern design and water-tight construction of the Jasonwell Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Glass Cleaner will make your aquarium look like it's brand new again. The cleaner has a strong magnetic force that allows the cleaning brush to move almost effortlessly around the outside handle of the brush. It's clean in a matter of minutes with just a few quick wipes outside and inside the tank. Inside the floating magnetic aquarium fish tank, unneeded particles float around. The movement prevents pieces from being dislodged from the outside aspects. The entire device glides across the tank's surface without leaving a mark. To protect the aquarium while it is cleaned, the handle is felt-lined to prevent scratches. The powerful magnetic attraction of the magnetic aquarium attracts scum and other mineral deposits from the aquarium walls. The brush will not sink into the tank since it is buoyant; rather, it will float around it. With different degrees of thicknesses and no scratching the glass, the cleaning pads are anti-scratch.

XSJZ Household Magnetic Glass Cleaner

XSJZ Household Magnetic Glass CleanerLast but not least, we have a manual glass cleaner that is giving the saturated market a new spin. That was no easy task in and of itself. However, XSJZ has been able to improve the magnetic cleaner design to the point where it makes sense to choose their design over that of their rivals. Before we get into those key distinctions, let's discuss some basics. This is a standard square magnetic cleaner, which implies two things. It has a huge cleaning surface and includes a large squeegee blade. In reality, this is the largest manual cleaner on our list. As a result, it gives the most coverage if that's important to you. One interesting detail we've noticed is the handle. Most other designs feature grips, but no actual handles. Even though a handle may appear to be difficult to use at first, it isn't in fact so. If you've ever used a regular squeegee before, using this cleanser will not be an issue for you. It's as simple as that. The cleaning surface is big and has excellent water retention abilities. Finally, for that nifty feature we discussed earlier. The outside portion of this cleaner features a built-in nozzle. A tiny tube connects the spray nozzle to a hand pump. You may squirt water on the outside of the window without opening it with this entire setup. This feature is particularly beneficial if you are washing windows that are high up or difficult to reach from the outside. Is this function truly worth all of the excitement? We believe so. It distinguishes this product enough from the competition that some users may prefer it to whatever else is currently on the market.

DBJIE Professional Double Side Window Cleaner

DBJIE Professional Double Side Window CleanerNot everyone likes the triangle shape when it comes to window cleaners. One of the finest options is DBJIE professional window glass cleaner, which comes in a triangular form. This type focuses on performance. There are no fluff features and little attention was paid to aesthetics with this model. No, this cleanser is all about utility and that may be its most appealing feature. They've optimized both the cleaning surface and the squeegee blade size using a simple square design. That alone demonstrates that you're receiving better performance than usual. Because it is a square cleaner and not a triangle, the cleaning pads are enormous. Depending on what you're using, bigger cleaning pads keep more of the solution or water longer. As a result, you may clean larger sections of glass without having to wash the area again with the cleaner fluid. On the other hand, employing a larger squeegee blade makes it simpler to use this as a normal squeegee. Using the S pattern is one of the golden rules of window washing with a squeegee blade. Because the blade is positioned underneath the handle, you may easily generate a S pattern. The whole thing is composed of high-quality ABS plastic that provides excellent service life and resistance to wear. For this model, DBJIE used rather strong magnets. These enable you to clean windows with a thickness of 35mm up to 48mm thick. Although strong magnets have their drawbacks, such as difficulty cleaning on a thin single pane window, they are still an effective way to clean glass. Overall, this glass cleaner performs well and delivers good results every day.

Alfawise S60 Magnetic Remote Controlled Window Cleaner

Alfawise S60 Magnetic Remote Controlled Window CleanerManual magnetic cleaners may help you wash your windows faster, but there is always a quicker way. Window cleaning robots are becoming increasingly popular. The Alfawise S60 is a good example of how effective these devices can be. With that in mind, the term "S60" does not refer to any ordinary window cleaner robot. To begin with, these robots employ vacuum motors to stick to glass. That is something which hasn't been done before. The method this machine cleans the glass is what makes it different from the others . For one thing, these robots utilize vacuum motors to adhere to glass. Most window cleaning robots at the moment use a big cleaning surface to clean the glass. In other words, they're dragging a huge microfiber cloth behind them wherever they go. You're getting way more with Alfawise S60 than that. Rather of just dragging a cloth across the glass, S60 employs two spinning polishers that are covered in a microfiber cloth. These surfaces rotate as the robot travels down its planned route. As a result, you'll get much better performance and efficiency for your cash. The S60 is an AI-powered robot that can easily and quickly calculate the best pathway to take. This robot will effortlessly and effectively complete any size of windows. If you think certain regions aren't as clean as you'd want, you may always utilize the remote to direct the cleaner. Another nice aspect is that this robot does not require batteries. It is constantly plugged in, rather than relying on batteries. S60 comes with a 30-minute backup battery system, which will keep the device on glass if your power goes out. There's also a 150 kg rated safety rope available.

Homonic Magnetic Window Cleaner

Homonic Magnetic Window CleanerThe Sun Joe Window Cleaner is a three-in-one cleaning device that cleans glass, mirrors, and tiles. It's similar to the tri-sided window cleaner we looked at previously. But it's non-toxic. Because it's composed of high-quality materials, it will last a long time. This window cleaner is made of ABS engineering plastic and has rubber glue for adhesion. It is both wear-resistant and corrosion-proof. To stick to the window from both sides, it uses powerful neodymium iron boron magnets. These are believed to be too powerful and will never lose their power. You have a 2-meter long anti-falling rope as part of your cleaning system. So the outer portion will not fall, and you'll be able to clean effectively. 15-24mm thick double glazing windows Will fit securely. Neodymium Iron Boron magnet. Made of ABS plastic, non-toxic. Rotates smoothly and reaches the corners. Wear and corrosion resistant.

Cop Rose Hot Magnetic Inside Outdoor high Tall Window Cleaning Robot X6 Cleaner Tools

Cop Rose Hot Magnetic Inside Outdoor high Tall Window Cleaning Robot X6 Cleaner ToolsThe Roborock S30 is a robotic window washing device that works well with tall and frameless windows. It's designed in white and black, has a square form, and comes with a power button on the front. The Ready and Battery lights are also on the front to tell you the current condition of the window cleaner. This type cleans in a straight line at approximately 2.4 minutes per 1 square meter. The RC20 is a 20-foot electric cord, so be sure to keep it away from any area where you don't want a power outage. It also comes with four cleaning cloths and long and short hair mop cloths. This window cleaner also has a user guide for your convenience. It includes a laser sensor in order to help it clean a specific area more effectively. This will help it plan out the space it will need to clean.

URMAGIC Magnetic Window Cleaner

URMAGIC Magnetic Window CleanerLet's continue our look at magnetic window cleaners with a discussion of another double-sided window cleaner with magnets. It has three sides, so cleaning the corners should be simple. The power of the magnet may be adjusted with a 5-gear knob. There are five distinct levels, starting with the first and ending with the fifth. Change the gear depending on how thick the glass is. The thinner your glasses are, the faster they'll clean up! For glasses measuring 0.3" to 1," cleanliness is best achieved using this technique. You also receive 30 scouring pads, four rubber strips, and 30 buckles as a gift with the cleaner. These allow you to clean the glasses for an extended period of time without having to repurchase them. The inside of the cleaner has six huge sponges, three on each side. The sponges are designed in such a way that they retain water. As a result, you will need to spray the area again and again. Cleaning becomes simple, and cleaning ability improves by 40%. Adjustable 5-gear mechanism to control the magnet strength. The rubber strips include four 30cm scouring pads and 30 buckles.

This is not your ordinary window cleaner. It's got a three-sided shape to it. This is perfect for cleaning the corners of the window. Made of ABS plastic and natural latex, this is designed to last. The strong magnet keeps the two parts firmly together. So, even if you move the tool frequently, it won't fall down unexpectedly. However, for added safety, there is an anti-falling rope. It is a window cleaner for double glazed windows with a thickness of 15 to 24 millimeters. The sponges in it can retain water. As a result, they don't try to clean the glass with just a few swipes. You don't need to spray water on the glass every second time you swipe it. The anti-falling rope is long, about 2m. So, you are going to have a safe cleaning activity. With this kit, you'll have everything you need to clean your windows safely and efficiently. The window washer comes with two sponges, four rubber gloves, and two cleaning strips. For 15-24mm thick double glazed windows. Tri-shape ABS plastic body. Water storage sponges built-in.

Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain RemoverThe Bio-Clean: Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover is a professional technique to remove hard water stains. It's a strong industrial and commercial cleanser that gets rid of tough spots, rust, stains, mildew, and other forms of residue. As if they had never been there, the Bio-Clean removes decades of built-up hard minerals and limescale. Bio-Clean is a non-abrasive, environmentally safe solution that may be used at home or in the workplace. The formula is designed to be non-abrasive so that what's applied to it isn't damaged, and because of how it's produced, there won't be an unpleasant odor or greasy afterfeel. Bio-Clean is suitable for use in every environment, including windows, shower stalls, windscreens, Barbecues, tile, granite, boats, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and vinyl. Bio-Clean may be used to restore and revitalize damaged or sealed surfaces. It can clear hazy or foggy surfaces, leaving them as good as new. Bio-clean has been used safely in numerous public areas, including factories, grocery stores, nursing homes, hospitals, and hotels. They provide a money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase and are verified for safety using lab testing and approval.

Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off Window Cleaning

Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off Window CleaningThe Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off Window Cleaning Soap is a high-performance solution for removing dirt and greasy buildups from windows without leaving streaks. The product is biodegradable and ammonia-free to keep your home healthy and safe. The solution works to safely remove an accumulation of filth, grease, and dust that has bonded itself to the surface of a window. The Ettoire squeegee off window cleaner is a superb complement to the Ettoire squeegees for a thorough and complete clean. Paper towels may be used to easily wipe away the solution from the windows. The solution is safe to use and always removes all debris. The formula may be used as it is or in an altered form that includes water. The solution can be mopped on to a window for deeper cleaning or just wiped over it with a squeegee for windows that need only a little attention. The product is effective in removing dirt from other surfaces, such as shower walls and glassware. If you're tired of cleaning your shower's hardscaping, try a solution made with bleach. It may be used on shower doors and grout build-up. It also works on skylights coated with mold. The mixing ratio is two tablespoons per gallon of water, so you will get many cleanings from the container you buy.

Pros of the Magnetic Window Cleaner

Bastard Sword vs Longsword
Here are some of the potential benefits of buying a magnetic window cleaner:

  • It’s a combination of a sponge (or towel) and a squeegee that serves as one device for window cleaning.
  • They’re simple to store since they don’t take up much room.
  • When you clean both sides at the same time, you will save time and effort. When done correctly, this reduces the amount of work required by half.
  • If you have difficulties reaching windows in your apartment or house, this may be one of the options for you.
  • If you live on a higher floor and don’t want to put your life in danger just to clean the top outside corner of your windows, this may be useful.
  • They’re simple to discover, and the majority of them have low-cost pricing.
  • Most of the cleaners on the market are composed of replaceable sponges.
  • They can be used on almost every sort of window, including single and double glazed units.

Cons of the Magnetic Window Cleaner

Bastard Sword vs Longsword
You can find out everything there is to know about a product by reading the advertisements, but what about the comments that go beyond the pitch? So, are magnetic window cleaners any good? On the negative side of this device, here’s what we found:

  • When we advised you not to mix the two parts together in a bucket with the cleaning solution, you may have thought that perhaps we were just being crazy. If this is done, they will adhere to one another and it will be quite difficult to disassemble them. You must use strength, which usually results in the breaking of them. The tool’s cost has been lost.
  • Some strings are so short that they have to be replaced.
  • If the water isn’t sudsy enough, they won’t glide on the windows as easily as they should, making them a disappointment. Furthermore, if you push them to move, they will most likely fall off owing to a lack of cohesion.
  • The tool’s name itself implies that it has magnets. They’re stronger on those for double glazed windows, as the whole name indicates. This tool comes in different forms, including single and double glazed window versions. The one for single-glazed windows isn’t as powerful and won’t function (or at all) through two sets of glass.
  • There are many different varieties of blinds. The larger ones are tough to move because they’re much more difficult to shift and don’t do particularly well at washing the window corners. Smaller ones, on the other hand, have a problem because they might not be able to clean the window glass properly, leaving smears behind.
  • You won’t be able to clean properly if the rubber is deformed or damaged. Simply put, it will leave some areas of your windows uncleaned, leaving dirt and soap behind. Nobody wants this to happen.
  • To prevent the magnets from flying apart, you must move slowly. Start by moving only a few inches at a time and work your way up as necessary. You must proceed even slower while turning sides.
  • It’s quite common for items to break.

Features to Look For in a Model

Bastard Sword vs Longsword
The features to look for in a window cleaner of one of these types are as follows. The size of the model is an important consideration. You don’t want to spend money on a window cleaner that will be too big (or perhaps too little) for your windows. This might prevent them from cleaning your windows properly all together.

The strength of the magnets is also an important consideration. Because these window cleaners rely on magnets to operate, you’ll want to ensure they’re powerful. A weak magnet might make it impossible for you to clean and eventually cause the window cleaner to fall off the window.

You’ll also want to consider the window cleaner’s absorption capacity. You’ll need to make sure that the window cleanser absorbs the cleaning solution off of the windows as you apply it. It might leave a residue if it doesn’t.

Another aspect to consider is how adaptable it is. While this isn’t essential, it’s still a nice feature to have. If one of these window cleaners is adaptable, it will be able to clean windows as well as various surfaces such as floors.

A safety rope is also a nice feature to look for in one of these window cleaner brands. A safety rope will aid in the prevention of the window cleaner from falling if the magnets don’t stick together. This is an excellent safety feature to have in one of these gadgets.

Are These Window Cleaners Safe to Use?

These window cleaners are simple to use, but you must be cautious with them. You should avoid leaning too far out the window while attaching them. If the window is on a high floor level, this may result in significant safety concerns. To attach the outside window cleaning piece, extend your arm and hand out the window just enough. After you’ve done that, bring your hand and arm back inside. While these aren’t hazardous to use, be aware that when placing them on the outside window and removing them, you must be cautious.


To sum up, the magnetic window cleaner will assist you in completing your task, but it will take some effort and patience to figure out how to use it. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of having this instrument might help you decide whether or not it’s worth buying. Because, after all, you’ll be doing the heavy lifting.

This post highlighted 5 of the best magnetic window cleaners on the market. They will all clean your windows, but one is far superior. The Cop Rose X4 model is one of the finest on the market because it effectively cleans windows deep down. It can even get to some of the most difficult locations on windows, such as the frames, which other products fail to reach.

It’s also safe to use because of the safety rope that comes with it. It is also adaptable, having these characteristics as well. Other than windows, it can be used to clean surfaces. If you’re looking for a Cop Rose X4-branded item, you should definitely think about purchasing one.

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