Top 5 Best Drain Cleaners for Kitchen Sink

Best Drain Cleaners for Kitchen Sink

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The fact is that no matter how hard you try, at some point or another, your kitchen sink is probably going to clog. Sure, you’ve tried all the home remedies, but to no avail.

Now it is time for you to consider a stronger solution, a professional grade kitchen sink drain unclogging solution.

Today we are here to help you find the best drain cleaner for kitchen sinks. There are lots of possibilities to go with, but you only want the best of the best, and that’s exactly what we are here to help you find today. Let’s get right to it!


Best Drain Cleaners for Kitchen Sink

The Best Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink

Here we have 5 different options to consider, 5 of the most effective drain cleaners on the market today, so let’s take a closer look.

Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog Remover

Drano Max Gel Liquid Clog RemoverThis Drano Max Gel for kitchen sinks is an extremely effective option to keep in mind. One reason for this is because it is formulated to be extra thick. It will easily cut through standing water to get to the clog, but is also thick enough to stick to the clog and release it, instead of flowing right past the clog. It should be able to cut through any clogs in a few minutes, but can also be left in drains overnight for those really heavy clogs. This product is safe to use on PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals, and septic systems. Although, keep in mind that it is definitely not toilet safe. One bottle is enough for a single clog, so use it wisely, but it should be able to eat through all sorts of grease and natural proteins, as well as hair and more.

DISSOLVE Liquid Hair & Grease Clog Remover

DISSOLVE Liquid Hair & Grease Clog RemoverThis particular product is designed to eat through grease, hair, and all sorts things that may be clogging your kitchen sink. It should be able to eat through proteins in a matter of minutes. This product features an extra thick formula which sticks to pipes and sticks to clogs, so it stays where it is supposed to be until the job is done. DISSOLVE Liquid Hair & Grease Clog Remover starts working within minutes. The cool thing here is that this product can be used on sinks, tubs, and toilets too. Each bottle comes with two uses, which is not too bad considering the price. It’s super easy to use, it is odorless, and it doesn’t produce any noxious fumes either.

Liquid Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator

Liquid Plumr Hair Clog EliminatorAs the name of this product implies, it is designed specifically for removing and dissolving hair which may be clogging your drain. It is an excellent formula for dissolving hair, although that said, it’s technically not designed to deal with food related clogs. This formula is made to be extremely thick so it coats hair and sticks to it, so the Liquid Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator won’t run down the drain until the hair is gone. This product is ideal for bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, showers, and bathtubs, and is safe to use on all septic systems and pipes, including PVC, plastic, metal and old drain pipes. Pour the Liquid Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator down the drain, wait 15 minutes, and then pour boiling water down to wash it all away.

Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Clog Remover

Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Clog RemoverHere we have what is one of the strongest, fastest acting, and most effective drain cleaners for kitchen sinks around. The thick gel formula means that it coats pipes and clogs to clear away all obstacles in roughly 10 minutes or less. Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Clog Remover is ideal for dealing with food clogs, grease, hair, and anything else that may be clogging your sink. It is also designed to penetrate standing water, not just slow moving drains. This product is safe for all regular pipes, but keep in mind that it is not for use in toilets. It is also worth noting that this stuff is so strong that it will burn your skin on contact.

Instant Power 1969 Hair and Grease Drain Opener

Instant Power 1969 Hair and Grease Drain OpenerThis product is designed to melt away hair that is clogging drains. Instant Power 1969 Hair and Grease Drain Opener is also a formula which creates heat in order to melt away grease which may be clogging your kitchen sink. This product is advertised as being up to 20 times stronger than traditional drain cleaners. It should start to work within minutes, although it is most effective when left in drains over night. This is one of the strongest drain cleaners around, and it should be safe for all pipes. That said, do not use it with toilets or septic systems.

Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink – Buying Guide

Let’s go over some important facts that you need to know about kitchen drain uncloggers, just so you know what you’re getting into.

How To Dissolve Grease in Kitchen Drains

When it comes to dissolving grease in kitchen drains, of course, a kitchen drain unclogger is a wise choice to go with. That being said, before you resort to a chemical to unclog a drain in the kitchen, you can always try pouring a few loads of boiling hot water down the sink to melt away grease.

Using a combination of baking soda and vinegar to create a chemical reaction and oxygenation may work as well. That being said, for the toughest of clogs, your only option may be a chemical drain unclogger.

Types of Cleaners for Kitchen Sink

Something else you should be aware of is that there are different types of drain cleaners for kitchen sinks. For one, there are chemical based cleaners and uncloggers.

These use some sort of harsh chemical to literally eat through hair, grease, food, and more, literally melting them away on contact. These are usually very fast acting and extremely strong, able to deal with most clogs.

Now, there are also enzyme or bacteria based solutions, ones which use natural enzymes to eat through clogs. These are much more environmentally friendly than chemical based solutions, although admittedly they are not as effective.

What to Look for in Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaner

Before you go out and buy any old drain cleaner for kitchen sinks, there are a few key purchasing factors for you to keep in mind, so let’s take a quick look at these right now.

  • Intended Use

One of the things you always need to look out for before buying any sort of drain cleaner is what the intended use of it is. Here we are talking about what kind of pipes and systems the product in question can be used for.
Most will be safe for all kitchen drain materials, such as PVC, metal, and others. Some are safe for toilets and septic systems, whereas others are not. This is very important to look out for. Using the wrong product for the wrong type of drain can end badly.

  • Thickness & Dissolving Ability

Something else to look for is how thick the liquid is. The thicker the better. Thicker and dense drain cleaners can cut through standing water to get to the clog.
At the same time, the thickest of cleaners can stick to pipes and clogs, to effectively remove them without just running past the clog.
Also, pay attention to what kinds of things the product in question can deal with. Since we are talking about kitchens here, the product should be able to handle grease and foods.

  • Composition

As mentioned above, some drain cleaners are made with strong chemicals, whereas others are made with bacteria and enzymes. Do you need something very strong, or would you like to be environmentally friendly too.

  • Safety Concerns

Also, be sure to pay attention to any and all safety concerns as outlined by the product itself. For the strongest products, wearing goggles and gloves is usually recommended, sometimes even a respirator too.

Important Note

Drain cleaner poisoning –


When all has been said and done, there are plenty of great kitchen sink drain cleaners out there, with the 5 products reviewed here being the very best. Just make sure that the product you get is strong enough to deal with your sink and safe for the particular application at hand. Other than that, there’s really not all that much to consider.

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