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Best Creosote Removers

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As a messy, dark brown material, creosote can be tricky to remove from most surfaces. It can be easily really stuck on and leave behind some nasty staining and discoloration. Fortunately, it is also rather easy to remove with a good quality creosote remover. Let’s take a look at seven of the best creosote removers of 2020 and see if we can find one that works to help clean up your mess.


Best Creosote Removers

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When looking for a creosote remover in the hopes of making the cleaning process for your chimney or other affected area easier, you obviously want something that is going to get the job done with minimal fuss. Let’s take a look at a few things that might work to make the decision a little easier and help you understand why creosote forms and how you can treat it quickly and easily to minimize the work that has to go into your cleanup.

What wood creates the most creosote?

So, resin, a compound found in most trees, creates creosote when burning. Softwood trees often produce a significantly higher amount of resin, meaning these types of trees are going to have wood that creates a lot more creosote when burned. This means that while they do smell pleasantly and create comfortable temperatures, wood from fir, pine, and other softwoods will cause more creosote formation and contribute to more necessary cleaning in the long run and a higher need for creosote destroyer ingredients within chosen products. If you are looking at how to keep a wood stove chimney clean or have a similar query, the answer is to opt for hardwood if you can. While it will not completely cut out creosote formation, it will greatly lessen the build up.

What Dissolves Creosote?

There are a few different things that dissolve creosote, one of them being sodium chloride. Salt sprinkled in the fire while it is burning will help to cut down on the creosote accumulation because it works to neutralize the resin that creates creosote in the first place. If you are looking for how to remove creosote from wood, it is not wholly possible but a bit of salt will definitely cut down on the problem.

Manganese and creosote work comparably together to salt and creosote, as well. This is because the manganese neutralizes the creosote on the inside of the furnace or similar space and makes it an easily removed powder while also stopping the accumulation if added to wood in the form of a stabilized commercial product made for that intended purpose.

How to Dissolve Creosote

Depending on the material you are attempting to remove creosote from, you may have to take a few different steps in order to ensure that the creosote is thoroughly removed. For example, if you are looking at how to remove creosote from glass, you may need to use a spray on remove and a glass-safe scraper to prevent damage or scratching to your glass fixtures.

Removing creosote from metal or the inside of a furnace is as simple as following the directions on most commercial removers. Many will advise using a respirator and applying the cleaner to the wood in the furnace or directly to the areas where the creosote has been accumulated. It is important you follow any and all directions very closely to ensure you are using the creosote remover properly and are not putting yourself, your family, or any plants in your home at risk. Some cleaners do contain potentially harmful chemicals and need to be used with caution in order to be safe.

The same goes for removing creosote from wooden fixtures. If the wood is sealed, chances are the creosote will come off rather easily. If not, it can be a lot trickier since the wood can absorb some of the creosote, resulting in staining. This stain may be difficult to remove, especially in instances of heavier creosote build up. With wooden fixtures, the best course of action is prevention in wiping any build up the second you notice it to prevent deeper staining. All in all, using quality products and making an effort for regular maintenance and cleaning will work greatly in your favor.

The Best Creosote Remover

Let’s explore some of the best creosote removers and see which one best suits your needs for creosote cleaning and removing.

Rutland Products 2 lb Creosote Remover

Rutland Products 2 lb Creosote RemoverWhile creosote can be sticky and nearly impossible to remove without some help, this Rutland Products 2 lb Creosote Remover works wonderfully to turn that sticky, tar-like substance into a fine, soot-like powder that can easily be swept or wiped away. It is safe for use in all types of chimneys, fireplace inserts, wood stoves, airtight stoves, free-burning fireplaces and will not harm catalytic converters, making it a good option for most household uses. This product is heat activated at 265 degrees fahrenheit and works to remove even built up creosote from cracks and crevasses in your output. This is a product that is worth checking out and can save you some serious time and money in the long run and make your fireplace or stove safer.

Rutland Products Rutland Liquid Creosote Remover

Rutland Products Rutland Liquid Creosote RemoverDesigned to be safe for everyday use, this creosote remover spray easily works to loosen and deactivate the tar-like consistency of creosote to make it easy to wipe away. The convenient spray bottle formula makes applying this product simple and mess-free, allowing for comfortable and convenient usage. This makes it much easier to keep up with the maintenance of your fireplace or other creosote-accumulating area.

CHIMNEYRX Paint & Peel Fireplace Cleaner, 1/2 Gallon

CHIMNEYRX Paint & Peel Fireplace Cleaner, 1/2 GallonThis product is designed for multi-purpose usage to remove soot, smoke, creosote, and dirt stains from fireplace masonry, allowing for an easy cleanup and generally tidier appearance. As one of the best glazed creosote removers, this product does an excellent job at removing and decreasing the accumulation of creosote as a whole, while making the space look significantly less blackened or sullied. This water-based cleaning product really cuts through common messes, revealing an easily cleaned space like no other. This is definitely worth considering if you want something easy and affordable. Plus, it peels off for easy removal!

MEECO'S RED DEVIL 5-pound Creosote Destroyer

MEECO'S RED DEVIL 5-pound Creosote DestroyerDesigned to make your chimney and other surfaces easier to clean when used on a regular basis, the MEECO’s RED DEVIL Creosote Destroyer works well for everyday use to prevent and eliminate creosote buildup before and as it happens. This allows you to confidently burn wood without worrying about potentially having a massive mess on your hands while also removing any currently existing built-up creosote to allow for easier cleaning. This is a product with a bit of a following due to its effective nature and is popular due to how simple it is to use, making it a contender definitely worth checking out.

Liquid Creosote Remover - Anti-Creo-Soot

Liquid Creosote Remover - Anti-Creo-SootAs a fantastic ACS creosote remover, this product works to convert potentially hazardous creosote to harmless ash or char, making it easy to be swept out during regular chimney sweepings. This also works to improve the efficiency of wood burning stoves, chimney, heaters, furnaces, and other devices by declogging the smoke stacks and allowing smoke and gases to pass through freely and easily. Save yourself some time and stress by giving this deep cleaning liquid creosote remover a shot! It is an investment worth making!

Holikme 25 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush, Lint Remover

Holikme 25 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush, Lint RemoverThis extendable vent brush and lint remover works extremely well to help remove creosote and other compounds from chimneys. It extends to be over 25 feet in length and easily reaches most spaces, even those that are hard to contact. The set includes the handle and one quality brush head and can be used in tandem with a drill or other power tool to add more power to get a truly professional quality deep cleaning. This makes cleaning out your vents and smokestacks much easier due to the reach and ability to deeply scrub the surfaces. If you need a new scrubbing tool, this brush is the way to go.

Pine Mountain 4152501500 First Alert Creosote Buster Chimney Cleaning Safety Fire log

Pine Mountain 4152501500 First Alert Creosote Buster Chimney Cleaning Safety Fire logCreosote preventing safety logs are designed to be added to one or two fires per season to work to break down creosote fast and prevent accumulation immediately. This means that once burning, the log turns into a finely milled powder that attacks the creosote and makes it easier to remove. If you do not want to hassle with cleaners and products, this log is a fantastic option that makes the process a lot easier and saves you a ton of time and money in the long run. Plus, it looks nice while burning in your fireplace!

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