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Best Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner

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If you had to choose between cleaning a coil cooktop or a ceramic cooktop, you’d most likely choose the latter. But don’t let these stove top’s easy to clean and sleek appearances fool you. These stovetops come with a big trade-off, you can’t use brillo pads or any other abrasive cleaners on them. So what can you use to keep your stovetop looking like new?

There are many products and specialty cleaners you can use, but they aren’t always available and can be costly. Only the best ceramic stove top cleaner can help keep your stovetop looking pristine. So let’s dive!


Best Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner

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Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner – Buying Guide

When it comes to maintaining a ceramic stovetop, you’ll want to take your time and use glass stove top cleaners. But not all stovetop cleaners will give you the same results or do the same things. Some of these cleaning solutions come in a kit, while others are just creams or sprays.

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How to clean ceramic cooktops

Cleaning your ceramic cooktops can seem hard at first for many cooktop owners. You might assume that you can only use a specialty cooktop cleaner, but this is not always the case. To clean a cooktop, you only need a few things: a decent ceramic cooktop cleaner, a couple of cloths, and a special stove top scraper.

The best way to clean ceramic stovetops is by first wiping down the stove with a damp rag. Next, apply the ceramic cooktop cleaner. If you’re removing crusty food spills, you’ll want to use a cream or paste type cleaner. If you’re only doing a light-duty clean or need to remove grease, a spray cleaner is optimal.

After applying the stovetop cleaner, wait a few minutes before removing the cooktop solution with a damp cloth. When removing dried-on food spills, use a cooktop scraper. Use these ceramic cooktop scrapers to gently remove any food and stains on the stovetop. Reapply the stovetop cleaner and then wipe it away with another damp cloth.

Finally, apply a cooktop polish to reduce scratching on the stove top’s surface. For easy ceramic cooktop maintenance, you may want to clean up any food spills as they occur.

Cream or ceramic stovetop cleaner

Depending on what you are trying to clean-up on your stovetop, this will determine which cleaner is most useful. Cooktop cleaning creams are better for tough build-up on the ceramic burners, removing dried-up food pieces, and stains. Ceramic stove top cleaners are ideal for degreasing the stovetop, quick clean-ups, and tend to be safer for stovetops with metal trimming.

What should you avoid when cleaning a ceramic stovetop

Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as ajax, comet, and any others that aren’t specifically for glass stovetops. You’ll also want to avoid using steel wool, brillo pads, and other types of scouring pads as well.

The Best Ceramic Stove Top Cleaner

Cerama Bryte 47915 Cleaner Combo

Cerama Bryte 47915 Cleaner ComboAs a cleaner that is not abrasive and is safe for a wide range of cleaning needs, this Cerama Bryte Cleaner Combo Set is a fantastic way to stock up on a product that really works. With a lot of power and a concentrated formula, this product is fantastic for deep cleaning ceramic stove tops. This ceramic stove top college in the Fantastic option that really gets the job done while saving you a lot of effort and elbow grease. There is no fussing or fighting with his formula and it really works to remove stuck-on message without destroying or damaging the cooktop surface. You've truly cannot beat this product.

EZ Brite Glass and Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner and Conditioner

EZ Brite Glass and Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner and ConditionerIf you're looking for a ceramic oven cleaner and stove top cleaner this product is a fantastic option that works on glass and ceramic cooktop still like and creates a streak-free clean, polished shine with little effort. This product is also safe for use on bakeware like Pyrex or CorningWare and can be used on a wide range of surfaces due to its gentle nature without risking damaging anything. This EZ Brite product is something truly special that can make a massive difference in the appearance and longevity of your ceramic stove top space. Plus, it is easy to use and affordable!

Bosch Glass Cooktop Cleaner for Electric and Induction Cooktops – Best ceramic cooktop cleaning cream

Bosch Glass Cooktop Cleaner for Electric and Induction Cooktops – Best ceramic cooktop cleaning creamBosch is one of few cooktop cleaners that can provide the best clean with the least amount of product per application. The past comes in a resealable container, is easy to apply, and is ideal for all Bosch glass and induction stovetops.

Bar Keepers Friend Trio Mega Bundle

Bar Keepers Friend Trio Mega BundleBar Keepers Friend is a brand that is known for many cleaning products including stovetop cleaners. This cleaning kit provides all the tools you'll need to remove the toughest stains from your stovetop. The kit includes a soft cleaner, a cleaner and polish for other surfaces, a microfiber towel, and a soft sponge.

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Cerama Bryte Cooktop Cleaning KitCerama Bryte cooktop cleaner is a well-known brand of stovetop cleaner. This kit works well on removing dried-up food spills and stains. The kit includes a scraper, a Foxtrot cloth, a stovetop cleaner, and a burnt-on grease remover.

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Affresh Cooktop Cleaning KitAffresh cooktop cleaning kit is one of many Affresh products. This kit includes cleaning pads, an Affresh cooktop cleaner, and a ceramic stovetop scraper. The cleaner is easy to use and works quickly to remove spills and more from your cooktop.

Weiman Complete Cooktop Cleaning Kit

Weiman Complete Cooktop Cleaning KitWeiman is an ideal brand for those who need to remove tough grease stains without damaging their cooktops. This kit includes a glass stovetop heavy-duty cleaner, a scrubbing pad, a scraper, and a polishing tool. It is easy to use, and the blades of the scraper tool are replaceable.

Carbona Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

Carbona Ceramic Cooktop CleanerCarbona is a kitchen cleaning brand that offers a wide range of products, including stovetop cleaners. This cleaner comes in an easy to use bottle with a resealable cap. The solution removes most grease and food stains with ease.

What Are the Types of Ceramic Stove Top Cleaners?

Generally, ceramic Stove Top Cleaners can be divided into two different distinct categories: abrasive and non-abrasive. Abrasive Stove Top Cleaners will have things like microbeads in plastic filaments in it that work to a braid and remove surfaces. These can also sometimes scratch Services though this is likely to vary from formula to formula. They are also not eco-friendly due to the fact the plastic beads do not biodegrade easily in most cases.

Non-abrasive Stove Top Cleaners work differently and are actually the recommended ceramic cooktop cleaner, as they do not contain these micro-beads and rely chemical means to break down the stain and remove them. Is all that makes it more effective on a long-term basis because it will not be scratched, creating a situation for further dirt, debris, food waste, and other materials to get caught in and create a bigger mess in the future.

It just makes sense that in the modern day and age there is so much scientific evidence on our side. It is entirely reasonable that we would often choose a non-abrasive stove top cleaner instead of an abrasive stove top cleaner. Not only do they work better, but they also are better for the environment and safer.

What Ceramic Stovetop Cleaner is Safe?

Most ceramic stove top cleaners are considered to be safe for use. Still, you do need to read the product specifications and safety guide to ensure you are using it as it was intended to be used. Misusing cleaning products of any type can potentially be dangerous and result in serious injury or harm.

As previously stated non-abrasive stove top cleaners will typically be a safer alternative to abrasive ones because I do not contain microbeads solid ingredients that abrades the surface of the cooktop physically, making it much less likely that its surface will be damaged or Road in overtime. It also decreases the amount of mess that happens with the cleanup because there are less tiny nooks and crannies for the food and waste to get caught in.

If you want to stop for something safe try to find a naturally based product or one that you are familiar with and can use in a safe manner per the instructions. This is the most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe while using ceramic stove top cleaners.


Keeping your ceramic cooktops clean doesn’t have to be tedious when you use the best ceramic stove top cleaner. Whether you choose to use our top-rated choice or any of the other decent alternatives, your cooktop is sure to look shiny and clean in no time at all. We hope this guide helps you find ceramic cooktop cleaner for your kitchen and more.

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