Top 5 Best Bagless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Best Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

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Pets are a wonderful addition to any home, but they can be quite messy. Perhaps their greatest contribution to the household is an abundance of pet hair, which can become trapped in carpet and corners. When you need a vacuum cleaner to combat hair, we recommend getting a bagless model. These are more eco-friendly than bagged options, and also include powerful brush rolls. To help you make a decision, we’ve collected 5 of the best models currently available.


Best Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

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Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair – Buying Guide

Eliminating pet hair shouldn’t be difficult. Read through this buying guide to learn proper maintenance for your bagless vacuum and how to get the most out of your machine.

How a Bagless Vacuum Works

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Bagless vacuum cleaners are a modern invention designed to replace traditional bagged models. Instead of trapping dirt and pet hair inside of a disposable bag, bagless vacuums use filters to catch dust and dirt. Larger particles are filtered into a central chamber. This chamber is easy to remove and has a latch so you can open it and dump the contents in the garbage.
When it comes to pet hair, having a bagless vacuum is convenient since you can tell when the container is full. These machines are also more eco-friendly and can filter out pet dander and allergens.

How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

One of the problems with constantly vacuuming up pet hair is the strands can become trapped in the filters. To properly clean a bagless vacuum, you do need to empty the central canister but also remove fluff from the filter. When choosing the right option for your home, pick a vacuum you are capable of opening and cleaning. If you struggle with your model, you could reduce its efficiency.
To clean your bagless vacuum, follow these steps.

  1. Remove the canister and empty it in the trash
  2. If possible, remove the lid of the canister
  3. Rinse out the canister and wipe away any dust and dirt not washed away
  4. Check the vacuum’s instructions for cleaning the filter (some are removable)
  5. Place the vacuum on its side and examine the roller brush
  6. Using scissors or a seam ripper, cut through hair trapped in the brush
  7. Remove the hair
  8. Wipe clean other exposed parts of the vacuum
  9. Wait 24 hours for full drying before putting everything back together

When you have long-haired pets or even people living in the home, it is common for hair to become wrapped around the brush roller. As long as your avoid the bristles, you can use a pair of scissors to cut through hair which is tangled around the roller and easily pull it away. Remember to throw the hair away instead of trying to vacuum it up again, as it can easily become tangled once more.

Pet Hair Vacuuming Tips

Pet hair is difficult to remove from floors, especially carpet. When you are struggling to vacuum and clean properly, consider following these tips to get the most out of your bagless vacuum.

1. Go over the floor more than once

When you are trying to get through layers of pet hair, you will need to vacuum the carpet more than once to eliminate all of it. Instead of going over the floor a single time, go back and forth until you can no longer see the hair.

2. Turn on the brush roll

The brush roll is a useful tool which will dislodge trapped pet hair so it can be more easily sucked into the vacuum. Remember to turn it on when working with carpet, and to turn it off when on tile or wooden floors.

3. Use attachments

Bagless vacuums often come with convenient attachments like special hoses and brushes which help you reach into difficult areas. If you have many pets and need to get hair out from under furniture and off couches, using a hose is highly beneficial. Plus, many work well on stairs as well.

The Best Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Bissell Cleanview Swivel – Quiet Bagless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Bissell Cleanview Swivel – Quiet Bagless Vacuum for Pet HairThe Bissell Cleanview Swivel is a popular choice for pet hair because this bagless vacuum was designed with long-haired cats and dogs in mind. Some of its unique features include the triple action brush roll and the scatter free technology. The brush digs deep into carpet to dislodge pet hair, while the wide opening prevents the hair from scattering from the force of the vacuum cleaner.

This option is capable of holding up to a single liter of material and has a 27 ft. cord. You will be able to get across and entire floor of your home without difficulty. Plus, the Bissell Cleanview Swivel includes special tools designed for pet hair, and there is a useful hand vacuum for hard to reach spaces. This is one of the quietest bagless vacuums for pet hair available.

Bissell Cleanview Rewind Pet Deluxe

Bissell Cleanview Rewind Pet DeluxeThe Bissell Cleanview Rewind is a great pet vacuum which incorporates some special features like an automatic cord rewind. This wraps the 27 ft. of cord for you so you don’t have to worry about it. The vacuum comes with specialized tools for pet hair and has a triple action brush roll to dislodge trapped hair from the carpet. Scatter free technology keeps the hair from flying, and the edge to edge cleaning style of the vacuum means you can get into the corners of rooms with ease.

Eureka Spotlight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Spotlight Bagless Vacuum CleanerThis specially made bagless vacuum was designed with long-haired pets in mind and features a durable brush roll. One of its defining features is the pet turbo brush, capable of dislodging hair from carpet. The height of the vacuum can be adjusted to five different levels to accommodate all flooring types, and special LED lights highlight dim areas so you can better see debris. The Eureka Spotlight cleaner has an extra large dust cup to gather more hair and weighs a mere 10 lbs. It is suitable for rooms of all sizes.

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Razor Pet Bagless Vacuum CleanerThe Dirt Devil Razor Pet Vacuum Cleaner is a durable and powerful bagless vacuum which has automatic height adjustment to suit multiple flooring types. The brush roll is thick and reinforced to combat pet hair lodged in even the thickest of carpet. The vacuum itself rotates 180 degrees and is small enough to fit underneath furniture. The vacuum has powerful suction and a large dirt container that does not need to be cleaned often. There are even an odor-trapping filter and an anti-hair wrap dirt cup.

Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Navigator Bagless Vacuum CleanerThe Shark Navigator is a great choice for pet owners who also suffer from allergies and would like a model capable of trapping pet dander and allergens in addition to hair. This is a small, lightweight vacuum suitable for multiple floors types and homes. It works well on stairs and has a moderate brush roll for picking up trapped hair. The dust container holds 1.1 quarts and is easy to remove and clean as needed.


Having a bagless vacuum cleaner is essential if you want an environmentally friendly way to pick up tough pet hair. There are plenty of great options on the market, but perhaps the best one is the Bissell Cleanview Swivel. It was made for pet hair in particular and is suitable in a broad range of home types and flooring styles. If you want something smaller and more lightweight, we also recommend the Eureka Spotlight Vacuum Cleaner.

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