Top 5 Best Degreaser for Mechanic Clothes

Best Degreaser for mechanic clothes

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Are you a mechanic, but only have so much clothing that you can afford to ruin with auto grease and fuel? If so, you have come to the right place, because today we want to take a closer look at the top 5 best degreasers for mechanics clothes.


Best Degreaser for mechanic clothes

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Degreaser for Mechanic Clothes Buyers Guide

Before you go out and start buying laundry degreaser for oily clothes, those mechanic’s pants, and for that stubborn truck grease, it’s important that you understand auto grease a bit more, as well as how it is removed.

Understanding Industrial Oil and Grease

When it comes to industrial laundry detergent/oil and grease, it’s important to know what this stuff actually is, so you know how to clean it. In terms of industrial oil and grease, this stuff is usually made of a special type of soap emulsified in mineral oil, with the aim being to provide lubrication for moving parts.

Now, the reason why grease and oils, especially auto related oils and greases, cause such severe stains and are so hard to remove from clothing is because they are hydrophobic, which means that they do not absorb water, and they actually repel it too. Let’s keep in mind that industrial and automotive grease is much harder to remove than normal oil, such as cooking oil for instance.

Of course, cleaning grease covered clothes in a water-based washing machine is not easy when the water cannot even penetrate the outer layer of that grease. Well, this is where soap comes into play, and more specifically, mechanics laundry detergent. Industrial oil and grease are not things you can remove from clothes without the right products in your arsenal.

How to Clean Greasy Mechanic Clothes

How to clean greasy work clothes and how to get car grease out of clothing is a problem that mechanics have been experiencing since the invention of cars. It’s just the way it is, and no, when you work in this field, staying clean is not a realistic option, not at all. That said, if you want to remove car grease from clothes, as long as you have the right products, it’s really quite easy.

All you have to do, as long as you have the right product, is to either apply it directly onto the affected clothes, let it soak, and then wash in the machine, or put the detergent directly into the machine as you wash. In all reality, what we are talking about here is nothing more than laundry detergent, albeit very specialized detergent.

Types of Degreaser for Work Clothes

There are a few different types of degreasers that you can take advantage of. If you are wondering how to remove black grease stains from clothes, it’s really all about using the right product or detergent.

The most useful, popular, and common work clothing degreasers include heavy duty dish soap, heavy duty laundry detergent, industrial grade detergent, industrial degreaser, lemon and baking soda, and pine oil.

There are other products and household liquids that may work, but these are the most highly recommended ones.

Safety Tips for Using Clothing Degreaser

Clothing degreases is generally safe for the most part, but when it comes to industrial grade products, you do want to be careful. Therefore, to keep you safe, follow the tips as outlined below.

  • Some of these products may be corrosive, in which case it is a good idea to wear gloves, or at the very least, avoid direct contact with your skin.
  • Some of these products can be harmful to your eyes, so never get it in your eyes.
  • Some of these industrial grade detergents, and even normal detergents should never be ingested.
  • If the product does not state so, do not pour it directly into a washing machine.

Best Degreasers for Mechanic Clothes

Let’s take a closer look at the five best degreasers for mechanic clothes. We have some special products indeed.

Permatex Grease X Mechanic's Laundry Detergent

Permatex Grease X Mechanic's Laundry DetergentIf you need something that can remove grease and other stains, as well as mechanic and auto related fuel smells from your clothes, Permatex Grease X Mechanic's Laundry Detergent is a good option to consider.

What is really cool about this product is that not only does it have the power to remove all auto oil and grease stains from your clothes, but the special formulation of it also helps to ensure that your washing machine doesn’t get covered in that same grease, so it saves both your clothes and your laundry machine.

What is also important to note is that Permatex Grease X Mechanic's Laundry Detergent also helps to remove oil, grease, and fuel odors from clothes, smells which can be very hard to remove otherwise. All you have to do is a pour a bit of this stuff directly onto the stain or affected clothes, wash the clothes as you regularly would, and that’s about it.

DETCO Industrial Strength Laundry Detergent Concentrate

DETCO Industrial Strength Laundry Detergent ConcentrateAlthough this product is not designed for mechanics per say, it is a super strong concentrated formula that has the power to remove stains, grease, odors, and more. This is professional grade detergent.

This is one of the most cost-effective laundry detergents around, as a single pump or one ounce of it can clean up to 100 lbs of laundry, which is nothing short of impressive, something that will help you save money.

This is a super concentrated grease and stain fighting formula that can remove even the toughest of stains, whether auto grease, cooking stains, blood, grass, or anything in between. Although this stuff doesn’t smell the best, it will remove all odors from clothing.

There is also the added benefit that DETCO Industrial Strength Laundry Detergent Concentrate stops grease and dirt from spreading to other clothes and to your washing machine.

Oil Eater Degreaser

Oil Eater DegreaserIf you need a reliable degreasing product for all of your clothes and from many other surfaces, whether to remove auto grease or anything else, Oil Eater is a good option to consider.

This product is designed to outright dissolve oil and grease, so it definitely comes off of your clothes. It can also be used for floors, carpets, tub/tile, grills, decks, asphalt and concrete driveways, stoves, boat hulls, white wall tires, siding, and more, as well as for a range of industrial uses too.

Moreover, this product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, USDA approved for non-food surfaces, which means that it is relatively safe for use. It is also super concentrated, so it’s quite cost-effective, as a little bit goes a long way. For clothing, add it before the washing machine, not into the machine.

Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean

Arm & Hammer Plus OxiCleanThis product is advertised as being able to remove 101 different types of stains, and yes, this includes fuel and auto grease stains and smells. It’s ideal for all types of clothes.

Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean is an all around great laundry detergent, as it can be used in both standard and HE washing machines. Moreover, it can be used both for colors and whites, which is great. It is supposed to make whites whiter and colors brighter, which we can definitely believe.

There is also the fact that this stuff actually smells good, like real laundry detergent, and it can definitely remove auto odors from clothing. This stuff does have a really good grease and stain fighting formula, although it may not be able to remove super caked on auto grease.

Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy 10x Duty Power PODS

Tide Hygienic Clean Heavy 10x Duty Power PODSIf you need some really easy to use laundry detergent that has the power to remove most stains and odors from all types of clothing, this is a good option to consider.

What you might like about these heavy duty tide pods is that they can be used in both standard and HE machines, and they work well in cold, warm, and hot water, plus they can also be used for whites and colors alike.

This stuff has a very enjoyable laundry scent, and it has the power to remove most grease and oil stains, as well as odors too. Now, it’s not quite as powerful as some of the industrial cleaners we talked about above, but it should be fine for most purposes.


To sum it all up, if you have super oily clothes that are covered in black auto grease, then the best product to use for removal is Permatex Grease X Mechanic’s Laundry Detergent. It’s easy to use, it’s fast, and it will remove all stains and odors from your clothing without question.

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