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Nothing exudes class and elegance like a nice, clean marble floor. There is something about the smooth, mottled texture that is so satisfying and harkens back to old royalty. The heavy stone is definitely trendy in modern years and has experienced quite the resurgence in modern decorating styles but, like any flooring, it only looks good if it is well maintained.

Marble flooring is generally rather forgiving since the texture and movement of the printing on the tile is usually fairly good at hiding any dirt or debris but if you invest in such a luxurious flooring style, chances are you want to keep it looking crisp and clean. Let’s discuss some of the best marble floor cleaner products you can easily find online and how to use them properly to restore your floor to a sparkling, stunning clean state!


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Marble Floors Cleaner – Buying Guide

When you are purchasing a marble floor cleaner, chances are you want something that works hard so you do not have to. You are paying for something that makes cleaning a breeze and takes all of the scrubbing and scraping down to a minimum. Let’s discuss some points you should look for in a product and how to keep your floor looking fantastic 24/7!

How to Clean Marble Floors

Cleaning marble floors should not be a massive chore to undergo. Though a bit tougher, marble floors are honestly not all that hard to clean and can generally use a good mopping regularly to keep them in good shape. It is honestly not all that different than how to clean stone floors or other hard flooring types. You just have to have good products on hand.

Once you select a product, you simply mix and use it to the directions on the packaging. Be sure not to walk over any areas you have cleaned until they are dry and try to keep the scrubbing even and avoid missing any spots. Spend a little more time with high traffic areas, as they are more likely to have caked-on dirt and grit that could be missed on a single pass. Other than that, a lot of it falls on the products you use and how they respond to the mop you use, which is the best way to clean a marble floor.

Mopping marble floors picks up any micro debris that a vacuum or broom will leave behind and removes residues. It is like washing your body with soap in the shower; it gets the last bits left behind and leaves everything squeaky clean. There is nothing quite like having a clean marble floor at home, especially marble floor tiles in bathroom and kitchen locations which can get especially dirty. Mopping regularly can help keep your floors clean and can help prevent stains on marble floor areas, as well.

How to Care For Marble Floor

Caring for marble floors is honestly a simple process if you work out a system that allows you to properly maintain everything. Instead of waiting until the marble is visibly dirty, try to schedule specific times to give it a light sweeping each day and one day a week for a deeper clean and mopping session. Hydrogen peroxide on marble is a great cleaning asset since it disinfects and works wonderfully to remove stuck-on residue from spilled drinks or other sticky substances.

A good routine is a key to keeping your floors looking great and helps to prevent having to spend an entire day trying to get them back to their normal state if neglected so take a little time every day and make the entire thing easier on yourself in the long run. As stated before, clean marble tile floors are easy to obtain; you just have to have good products and a routine.

How to Polish Marble Floor

Once you have found your best product to clean marble floors and have your routine set, the last step to consider is polishing. If you like the look of a glistening, glitzy floor, taking the time to occasionally polish your floors can make a massive difference in the aesthetics of the given room and really make the flooring pop, especially if it has an interesting cut or pattern like some Carrera marble floors or similar brands are apt to have.

Simply follow the direction on the bottle for mixing and frequency and work in small circles to create a streak-free, even shine across the entire floor. Let it dry before walking on it and make sure the floor is thoroughly cleaned before applying the polish or wax to prevent dirt and debris from being trapped.

Polishing can be especially helpful if your floor was previously neglected or if you need to do some restorative work, as it can literally take years off of the overall appearance and make it look absolutely stunning once more. If you have a good cleaning and polishing routine, nothing can stop you from obtaining the classy floor of your dreams!

Let’s go over some of the amazing products that can help you get a little closer to achieving this goal!

The Best Cleaner for Marble Floor

The products we have listed here are some of the best on the market. They were selected due to their high-quality nature, high reviews, price point, specific product attributes, and a host of other selective qualities. Let’s take a look and figure out which best suits your needs!

Black Diamond Stoneworks MARBLE & TILE FLOOR CLEANER

Black Diamond Stoneworks MARBLE & TILE FLOOR CLEANERThe product is eco-friendly and child and pet safe, allowing you to use it with comfort and confidence regardless of who you share your home with. It also is guaranteed to not damage or remove grout or sealants that are on the surfaces despite being very potent and requiring just two to four ounces of product per gallon of water to effectively clean most surfaces. If you are looking for a powerful cleaner that does the work for you, you cannot go wrong with this amazing product!

Granite Gold Stone And Tile Floor Cleaner

Granite Gold Stone And Tile Floor CleanerAs a no-rinse formula, the Granite Gold Stone and Tile Floor Cleaner is a great low effort option that cuts through tough debris, dirt, and residue, leaving your floors sparkling clean and looking like new. The concentrated formula is designed to be mixed with water to produce a potent cleaning solution that can lift even stuck-on messes and remove most stains with ease. Claiming to be an effortless floor cleaner, this product does all of the heavy scrubbing on a chemical level, saving you time and effort in the process and making messes just seem to disappear as you pass over them with a mop. The results are streak-free and provide no residue to sticky texture despite being a potent formula. All in all, this is a solid option for most home flooring needs and is definitely one of the best ways to clean a marble floor without streaks, especially if you need something that can do double duty as a grout cleaner safe for marble floors, as well, since it can get down into the cracks and remove the grout and lining debris, too.

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner RefillBona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill

Weiman Stone Tile and Laminate Cleaner

Weiman Stone Tile and Laminate CleanerIf you are looking for a professional marble floor cleaner, this Weiman Stone, Tile, and Laminate Cleaner might be the product for you. Designed as a high quality, top-shelf marble cleaning solution, this product works to deep clean all of the nooks and crannies of your flooring and keep it sparkling clean longer. Safe for a host of different flooring types, this cleaner is great for reviving dull flooring, as it works to remove dust, dirt, and oils while providing an attractive luster. The streak-free formula safely works to enhance the natural beauty of your flooring without dying or altering the appearance in any way aside from a base cleaning. Due to the makeup of the formula, this product is safe for granite, limestone, slate, terra, cotta, terrazzo & agglomerate floor surfaces, as well as many more. All in all, this is a great easily accessible option that will likely serve you quite well.


Now there are no proble to care about your perfect marble floor. There are so many cleaners and advices, so you can take he best one special for you!

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