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Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

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If you are a mechanic, whether for cars, boats, airplanes, or anything in between, one thing all mechanics have in common is that they get covered in oil and grease. Automotive oil and grease is extremely hard to remove from the hands.

Soap and water alone will absolutely not get the job done. However, this is why the powers that be produce specialized hand cleaners for mechanics, specifically for this kind of thing. Today we want to help you find the best hand cleaner for mechanics.

We’ve got a comprehensive buyer’s guide, complete with tips on how to find the best hand cleaner for mechanics, and some pressing questions answered too. To top it all off, we’ve also reviewed a variety of the best products on the market at this time.


Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

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Hand Cleaner for Mechanics – Buying Guide & FAQ

Factors to Consider before Buying Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Before you buy any sort of mechanic hand cleaner to remove oil and automotive grease, there are some important considerations you need to keep in mind, so let’s go over these right now.

Quantity & Amount of Application

When you are looking for soap for mechanics, one important thing to look out for is how much of each product you get. Some come in huge tubs designed to be used in the shop whereas others may be used on the go.
The point here is that you need to compare how much of the product needs to be applied for effective grease removal, compared to how much you actually get. Getting a huge tub is not the best if you need to use a ton of it each time.

Portability & Ease of Use

Something else to consider before buying mechanic hand wash is how portable it is. Once again, these products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Do you need something to sit in the auto shop in one place or do you need a small product that you can fit in our pocket and take on the go.
On that same note, ease of use is a big deal too. How long do you have to scrub? Do you have to wash it off with water? Are they simple wipes that you can just use and then throw away?

Grease & Oil Cutting Power

Of course, the most important aspect of any automotive hand cleaners is how well they actually work to cut thorough oil and grease. Now, there are a variety of ingredients which any formula may contain which can cut through oil and grease with ease.
Just make sure that you read some reviews and choose one that actually works. Fair warning, not all products work as well as advertised.
The right ingredients can make all of the difference here. On a side note, a bit reason why there are so many citrus based automotive hand cleaners out there is because citrus acid does a fantastic job in this regard.

Pumice or Scrubbers

Something you might want to look out for is a mechanic hand wash that contains something like pumice, sand, or coarsely ground walnut shells.
Texture does make a big difference here, and having some sort of coarse and abrasive material goes a long way in getting rid of oil and grease. Coarse substance cause oil and grease to adhere to them, which is exactly what you need here.

A Gentle Formula

Now, you do want to look for a hand cleaner that has good ingredients and has plenty of grease cutting power.
However, at the same time, it’s also wise to look for something that is solvent and petroleum free. The less harsh chemicals and compounds the product in question contains, the safer it will be to use, especially for a prolonged period of time.

Moisturization & Protection

Not all grease cleaners for mechanics will do this, but the best of the best will contain moisturizing ingredients. These types of products can really dry skin out, so finding one that not only removes grease, but can also moisturize and protect your hands at the same time is a big bonus.

The Smell

While definitely not the most important purchasing factor to consider, a soap or grease cleaner that actually smells good never hurts.

Why do so many hand cleaners for mechanics contain orange/citrus?

The reason for this is not only because citrus smells pleasant, but because citric acid is great at cutting through oil and grease.

How to remove grease & oil from under fingernails?

Fingernails can be very stubborn in this regard. Really the only way to get everything out from under fingernails is to use a heavy duty cleaner combined with a scrub brush.

Does water remove oil & grease?

No, water simply sits on top of oil and grease and will do absolutely nothing to remove those substances. This is why most products designed for this purpose are not made with water.

What is a good way to remove grease and oil from hands?

Many mechanics resort to using friction. In other words, get a coarse towel or cloth and start wiping your hands quickly. The heat and friction generate should go a long way in removing oil and grease.

Does soap for mechanics dry skin out?

There are many options which will dry out the skin, as the same substance used to remove oil and grease will also remove moisture from your hands. This is why many such products also include ingredients such as Vitamin E and aloe to help soothe hands and provide some moisturization.

The Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics

Here we have what are considered to be the best hand cleaners for mechanics for removing automotive grease, dirt, grime, and more.

Grip Clean Hand Cleaner

Grip Clean Hand CleanerThis particular hand cleaner for mechanic’s is a great option to go with, and one big reason for this is because it contains pumice. In other words, it comes complete with a really gritty texture that has the ability to remove grime, grease, and dirt through friction. Grease literally sticks to it.

Moreover, this mechanic hand cleaner also comes with bentonite clay, a substance that has great absorption abilities and literally sucks grease up, right off your hands. When it comes down to it, the combination of this bentonite clay and the pumice has the power to remove even the stubbornest of grease deposits. However, to ensure that the Grip Clean Hand Cleaner does not cause dry and cracked skin, it also contains lots of olive oil and coconut oil, which not only help to hydrate your skin, but also provide essential nourishment.

To make sure that your hands get clean from top to bottom, this product also comes complete with a stiff bristle fingernail brush, so you can easily get under those fingernails. Just use a few drops of the cleaner, add some water, scrub, and rinse. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and keep in mind that a single tube is rated for up to 30 uses.

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Cleansing WipesIf you don’t want to wash your hands every single time after you touch a greasy car component, you might be interested in these Grip Clean Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes. The fact that you can just use them to wipe your hands down instead of needing a sink, soap, and water is pretty convenient no doubt. These wipes, for one, are designed to be quite tough and durable, so you can really scrub at your hands without having them turn into shreds. Moreover, keep in mind that each tub comes complete with 30 wipes, which is admittedly not all that much, because if you have really greasy hands, you might need a couple of them.

These wipes are made with a special formula that has the ability to adhere to and remove various substances including but not limited to grease, oil, acrylic paint, adhesives, silicones, plumbers glue, inks, tar, and more still.

What you might also like about these Grip Clean Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes is that they are citrus scented, so they do smell quite nice. Also, unlike many other wipes out there, these ones don’t leave any sort of slimy or sticky residue behind, and the moisture that is left behind dries very quickly.

Permatex 23122 Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner

Permatex 23122 Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand CleanerThis is a hand cleaner specially designed for mechanics which is totally waterless, solvent free, and ammonia free, and therefore it won’t cause burns, skin irritation, or anything else of the sort. This is a citrus based hand cleaner which uses the power of acidic citrus to easily cut through and remove automotive oil and grease. Simply apply it to your hands, rub it around, and wash it off, or use a cloth to remove it. What is also worth noting about Permatex 23122 Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner is that it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

In fact, this product can also be used to remove oil and grease from laundry and tile floors, plus it can remove pet stains and scuff marks too. Permatex 23122 Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner is also designed to provide your hands with moisture and conditioning, which is thanks to the addition of aloe, lanolin, glycerin, and other skin conditioners.

GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner

GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand CleanerThis is an industrial strength hand cleaner designed for the toughest jobs at hand. This particular product is designed with a special grease cutting formula designed to loosen automotive grease, grime, dirt, and anything else that might coat a mechanic’s hands. The real difference maker here is how the whole solution is filled with pumice, little sandy grains designed to adhere to grease for great hand cleaning. GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner is designed to provide for effective grease removal without the need for harsh chemicals and solvents, thus making it safe to use. Many people may also enjoy the orange citrus scent which it features.


WONDER SCRUB Hand CleanerWONDER SCRUB Hand Cleaner is designed to remove automotive grease, oil, paint, cooking oils, and all other sorts of greasy, oily, and tough to clean substances. It also works for soil, tar, asphalt, ink, carbon, resins, adhesives, and more. Simply put, this is an all in one dirt, grease, and grime remover that has enough power to remove virtually any substance from your hands. The included walnut shell scrubbers provide a coarse scrubbing substance that works to thoroughly remove all sorts of contaminants from skin.

Although it does feature a very powerful formula for ultimate grease cutting power, it is also quite safe, and it doesn’t contain super harsh chemicals that will irritate the skin. WONDER SCRUB Hand Cleaner is supposed to be gentle on the skin. An important note here is that WONDER SCRUB Hand Cleaner is extremely poisonous if swallowed, so be sure to use it safely. This particular product needs to be applied, rubbed around for a couple of minutes, and can then be simply rinsed away with warm water. WONDER SCRUB Hand Cleaner should not leave a greasy residue, and the odor isn’t too bad either.

Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand CleanerTub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner comes in a massive 2 liter container, so it should last you for a long time to come. Something to note is that this product is safe to use on hands and it has a skin friendly and super gentle formula. Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is made without pumice, petroleum, or solvents, so it should not irritate the skin. Moreover, this is also a bio-degradable formula, meaning that it’s quite eco-friendly.

This particular option is designed specially for mechanics, and it’s made to remove the toughest and thickest layers of dirt, oil, and automotive grease. You may also like how Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner features a fresh citrus scent. The jug comes complete with an easy pump applicator for ease of use.

Grip Clean Auto Mechanic Hand Cleaner

Grip Clean Auto Mechanic Hand CleanerFirst off, what’s worth noting about Grip Clean Auto Mechanic Hand Cleaner is that it comes in a neat little pocket size tube that is great for taking on the go. It’s an option designed for mechanics on the move. Now, of course, because it is quite small, it won’t last too long, but that said, this is a 2x concentrated formula, so a little bit does go a long way. On a side note, you do also get a nifty fingernail and hand scrubber brush included here.

Grip Clean Auto Mechanic Hand Cleaner is made with bentonite clay, which works wonders at absorbing oil and grease. Moreover, it also comes with a ton of pumice inside of the hand cleaner, thus scrubbing hands of all sorts of oil, dirt, grime, and grease. It’s a heavy duty option, one which should not cause irritation. This particular product also comes loaded with olive oil and coconut oil in order to help provide your hands with a bit of moisturization and nourishment. It doesn’t contain any solvents or detergents, a big bonus.

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning WipesCompared to the other options reviewed here today, this is quite the unique hand cleaner for mechanics. Instead of a soap or lotion, these are hand wipes. Some people may prefer hand wipes because they are much easier to use on the go, and they don’t require any kind of water either. Simply take a wipe out of the pack, wipe the hands down, and you are good to go. Now, this may not be quite as effective a scrubbing soap, but it is much easier to use. That said, it might take a few wipes to get your hands totally clean.

What’s cool is that these Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes feature a tough textured side for easy grease and oil removal from the hands, and there’s also a smooth side ideal for wiping grease off your face. These are large and super tough hand wipes that shouldn’t rip or tear. These wipes are made in the USA. Also, Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes are made to smell like citrus, plus they contain aloe and Vitamin E to help provide a bit of moisturization and skin protection.


When all has been said and done, as long as you pay attention to the most important purchasing factors discussed in our buyer’s guide, you should have no problems finding the right product for you.

Make sure to look for something that is strong enough to get the job done, yet gentle enough so that it doesn’t irritate your skin. At the end of the day, as long as the product in question efficiently and effectively removes grease and oil from your skin, you are on the right track.

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