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Best Concrete Oil Stain Remover

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Changing your car oil is a great way to save money, up until all those oil stains start appearing on your driveway. Applying any household cleaner might seem like a solution, but not all of these cleaners have oil removing formulas. For those needing a fast-acting solution for grease stains, a concrete oil stain remover might be the solution for you.

Using any degreaser might be a great idea, but not all oil removers will give you the best results. Only the best concrete oil stain removers can. With this list of concrete grease cleaners, you’ll have your driveway looking great again.


Best Concrete Oil Stain Remover

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Types of Concrete Oil Stain Remover

The first important fact for you to know is that there are four main types of concrete oil stain removers. These include pH-neutral cleaners, acidic cleaners, alkaline cleaners, and enzymatic concrete cleaners. Let’s take a look at each type real quick.

pH-Neutral Cleaners

This first type of concrete cleaner are concentrates that usually need to be diluted in water. These are designed mainly for interior and sealed concrete surfaces that don’t have much imbedded dirt and don’t need too serious of a cleaning. They may also be used for exterior or unsealed concrete surfaces that just need a light cleaning. These are ideal for removing mild stains and mild grease deposits. These just need to be diluted in water, applied to the surface, followed by a good mopping or scrubbing, and then a rinse.

Acidic Cleaners

Acidic concrete cleaners are far more powerful than the pH neutral type. This type of cleaner uses special types of acids to quite literally dissolve grease and melt stains away. This type of cleaner is best used for the removal of fairly heavy dirt deposits and efflorescence. This is a metallic salt that can stain concrete. It appears to be powdery white, but does not wash off with just water. High soil alkalinity, hard water, and excessive sodium can all cause these stains. What is crucial is that the cleaned area be neutralized after using a cleaner such as this.

Alkaline Cleaners

Alkaline cleaners are otherwise known as concrete degreasers, and as you can probably guess, these are intended to remove oil and grease from concrete surfaces. Not only is this type of cleaner best for removing oily deposits, but it also helps to bring concrete back to an alkaline state, as it should be alkaline, not acidic. With these cleaners, they need time to work, so you need to let them penetrate the stains for a few hours before they come off.

Enzymatic Concrete Cleaners

This type of cleaner uses organic bacteria to quite literally eat stains. This type of cleaner is used to remove starch-based stains, hydrocarbon-based stains, and protein based stains. Many people like these cleaners because there is no need to use water, and they don’t leave much residue behind either.

What Concrete Oil Stain Remover is Safe?

When it comes to safe concrete oil stain removers, all four of the above types are safe to use. That said, there are some safety tips that you will want to follow.

Concrete Degreaser Safety Tips

  • Always wear gloves and eye protection when using any such product.
  • Some of these products may require you to wear a mask or a respirator to prevent inhaling fumes.
  • When using harsh stain removers, never get them on your skin, as some can be corrosive.
  • Always follow all of the instructions as provided on the packaging of any product you use.

Best Concrete Oil Stain Remover

Terminator Concrete Stain & Grease Remover

Terminator Concrete Stain & Grease Remover One of the reasons why this product is so effective and great to use is because instead of just lifting oil off of a surface and sending it down the drain, it actually eats and breaks the oil down, thus removing it from the environment, and thus making it eco safe.

What is nice about this product is that it can be used on various surfaces including stone, concrete, and asphalt, and it has the ability to deal with fuel, oil, hydraulic fluid, and more.

You will also like how this product requires little to no work on your end. Simply spread the powder over the affected area, mist it with some water, and let it work. It does not require any sort of scrubbing or rinsing.

EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner

EXIMO Waterless Concrete CleanerHere we have a nice enzymatic or microbial concrete cleaner to keep in mind. We like these because they tend to be safe and eco-friendly. Instead of using harsh chemicals, this cleaner uses bacteria and enzymes to literally eat oil and grease, thus preventing those poisons from entering the environment.

What is also nice about this product is that it can be applied to various surfaces including soil, cement, concrete, and asphalt, and it works on all sorts of oils, greases, fuels, and more.

You simply have to spread the powder over the surface and try to keep it wet. Now, it can be used dry, but it does work better when wet. Simply apply it, wet it, and let it go to work. You don’t even have to do any scrubbing or rinsing!

PROSOCO Oil & Grease Stain Remover for Driveways

PROSOCO Oil & Grease Stain Remover for DrivewaysPROSOCO Oil & Grease Stain Remover is a great pour and go type of oil stain remover. While some results may vary, depending on how long you let it sit, the stains often disappear. This product uses a combination of surfactants, solvents, and powders to absorb the oil, so all you have to do is sweep it up when it dries.

Krud Cutter Concrete & Driveway Pressure Washer Concentrate – Best degreaser for oil on concrete

Krud Cutter Concrete & Driveway Pressure Washer Concentrate – Best degreaser for oil on concreteKrud Cutter is a great name brand household cleaner that can break down any grease stain you may have. This oil stain remover has a one-part Krud Cutter solution to ten parts water ratio. It is also a water-based cleaner so you can use it in and outside the home without issue.

Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate Pro Strength

Zep Driveway and Concrete Pressure Wash Cleaner Concentrate Pro StrengthZep is a reliable brand known for a wide range of cleaning products. This particular oil stain remover is great for those who only need to do a quick pressure wash clean over their driveways and patios. All you need to do is dilute the solution, spray, wait a little bit, and rinse it all away for a strain-free driveway.

Oiler Eater Original Professional Strength Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate

Oiler Eater Original Professional Strength Cleaner and Degreaser ConcentrateOil Eater Cleaner and Degreaser is a reliable oil remover that works on anything that gets grease or oil-based stains. It comes with a dilution chart so that you can get the most out of your cleaner. It is a decent product for anyone with allergies towards petroleum-derived products.

WD-40 Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser

WD-40 Industrial Strength Cleaner and DegreaserA name brand oil and grime degreaser, W-D 40 are a go-to degreaser for households and garages everywhere. WD-40's formula is specially made to remove grease without corroding or etching everything. This degreaser is non-flammable and biodegradable, which is ideal for anyone who needs to remove motor oil stains around their gardens or yards.

Spill Magic Liquid Spill Pick-up Absorbent Powder

Spill Magic Liquid Spill Pick-up Absorbent PowderSpill magic liquid spill pick-up absorbent powder is a simple product that prevents oil stains from occurring. Instead of allowing the motor oil to cause a stain, you can use this highly absorbent powder and spread it on top to bind with the oil. After it finishes binding with the motor oil, you'll only need to sweep it up. And the packaging includes a built-in handle for easy dispersal and portability.

How to clean up an oil spill on concrete


Concrete flooring can be a real challenge to clean because of how porous it is. And whether you choose our top overall pick for best concrete oil stain remover or one of the decent alternatives, your driveway is sure to look good as new. We hope with this guide that you have the best degreaser for your home or business.

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